concerts, Third Day

Glory at the Gardens 2009

These were taken at the Meet and Greet:

Mike, the Wired.Com representative, giving us our instructions.

Mac wanted to know if he had time to play a few more songs. Sure! We can spare a few minutes!!!!
Mark Lee:

David Carr. It’s hard to get a shot of him because he’s so far back (and I’m so short).
Mac, with his oldest daughter, Scout and Tai’s daughter, McKenzie. They helped him sing on “Rock Star”.

Tai Anderson:

These are all Need to Breathe. It was so hot that I sat out most of this performance. They sounded great but I just didn’t want to stand any longer!

Revive; put on a great performance, as usual. I really like this new group!
I can’t hear you singing!

A few of the over 8,000 that were there. See all the green grass showing between people? Well, by the time Third Day appeared, there was no space between people. There’s nothing quite like being around that many people on a hot day. Haha!!

This was probably the last Third Day concert for a while. They aren’t planning to be back in VA anytime soon. I told Mac they needed to come to Richmond! But my concert days aren’t over yet. Next month Julianne and I going to two days of King’s Fest: Switchfoot, Jeremy Camp, and more!

What say you?

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