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Back Home

I’ve been back home since Sunday night and it seems I haven’t stopped working since then! There is so much here to get caught up on since I was gone for so long. The last few days have been filled with laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning. I haven’t even tackled all the paperwork yet. It’s fine, though, because home is my favorite place to be.
Our church is having VBS next week so this week we did a lot of prep work. Julianne and I are on the decorating committee and also craft helpers. Earlier in the week we decorated at the church–a jungle theme. Tuesday night we had a meeting for all the craft people and we learned how to prepare the crafts, etc. We did a lot ahead of time so it should run smoothly.
I was finally able to visit a new farmers’ market that started this year. It is on Thursdays from 10-3 but this was my first time being able to go. I picked up some peaches to make a cobbler, some green beans and Roma tomatoes. I also brought back tomatoes, zucchini and squash from my brother-in-law’s garden in New Jersey. I have tomato sauce cooling on the counter right now!
I mentioned earlier that home is my favorite place to be but I feel like I’ve lost my focus. I have been involved in some many things that my heart really hasn’t been here at home as it should be. I realized a while back that Julianne will be finished school in 3 years! 3 years! That’s not long!!! As I thought about that, my heart was longing for more time. I know this summer has been different because of my dad’s sickness and death but even before that I was feeling overwhelmed. To make a long story short, I have been taking steps to be more home-focused. I declined an opportunity to teach a ladies’ Bible study this fall and to host it. I have also decided not to pursue volunteering with CEF at this time.

I realized that although those things are good in themselves, they are not excellent (at least for me). I need to be home for my husband and children at this time in my life and theirs. There are plenty of older women in our church, whose children are out of the home, who can lead and/or host Bible studies or volunteer for the many positions available. The Lord has called me to be a keeper at home and I know I have lost that somewhere along the way. I look forward to serving my family with joy; to rediscovering all things “home”.

I haven’t abandoned the church entirely. I am still involved in the homeless ministry, on the cleaning team, and working the bookstore every other month. We are still going to open our home for our Fellowship Group. That is enough for now. I’m not adding anything new. I want the majority of my time and talents to be used where God has called me: home.

1 thought on “Back Home”

  1. This is a wise and sane decision. My heart is grieved by the running that women all around me are doing. Young moms with frazzled nerves and stressed children who can't seem to stop and evaluate and find contentment in keeping an ordered and peaceful home.

    May your tribe increase!


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