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A Disciple is a Learner

“Our society has become very dependent on external motivation to precipitate change or learning. We think we must attend seminars and classes, and if the schedule conflicts or money is short, we excuse ourselves for not learning or growing. But a disciple is a learner. God is our teacher. He has given the Holy Spirit to indwell and tutor us. We need not depend on organized resources and experts to stimulate and nurture our spiritual life. Pray for help. Seek help. Search out people who can help establish you in your relationship with God, for He does indeed use people. But if help is not forthcoming, God will assist you as you train yourself in godliness.”–Jean Fleming, Finding Focus in a Whirlwind World

1 thought on “A Disciple is a Learner”

  1. I REALLY appreciate the gist of this quote! Yes, Paul tells Timothy, “Train YOURSELF for godliness.” And Peter writes that God has given us “everything we need” for life and godliness. (Actually, that is the verse from which I selected the title for my blog).

    Thanks for this reminder to be diligent – make every effort – and not make excuses or rely on others for our personal growth.


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