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A Time of New Beginnings

To me September is the start of the new year, not January. The month is open to so many possibilities and changes. Although our summer has been mild compared to previous years, I’m still looking forward to the cooler weather and fall foliage. My maple tree is green now but in a few weeks it will start changing to a glorious yellow.

This weekend Michael and I finally tackled our “spare” room. During the makeover last summer we used this room to store well, everything! I knew there was a lot in there that could be given away, put away and/or consolidated…and that’s what we did. It is now home to my sewing machine and stamping materials. We brought in a table and file cabinet that now holds all my craft paper. We also brought in my chair and side table from our bedroom so I read in there at night and not disturb anyone. We didn’t have to buy anything new except a bulletin board. We had all the furniture and I used the old living room curtains. Now that’s a bargain makeover!!
I’m starting my 13th year of homeschooling. Julianne will graduate, Lord willing, in 2012! What will I do with all my free time?? Today we looked over all our books, decided on a schedule, made sure we had all the supplies she needed for home and for her co-op classes. Thankfully, over the years I have stocked up on lots of supplies during the clearance sales at the end of September.

We’re trying Rosetta Stone software for Spanish I this year. I was hoping to have Julianne take Spanish from a friend at church but she is offering the classes the same time as the co-op so that doesn’t work out. Rosetta Stone looks like a good alternative. I’m thinking of learning it also. I had four years in high school but that was many, many years ago. You know, when we had to use stone tablets and chisels!!

For history I’m breaking away from our living book approach and going textbook. Gasp! I’m going to be using Streams of Civilization (I always want to say Streams in the Desert; haha!). On Donna Young’s website I found lesson plans and bookmarks for vocabulary. What a great resource. I also found vocabulary bookmarks for the Apologia Biology. Yeah! If you don’t know about Donna’s site, you have to check it out. It is so full of wonderful resources for the home and homeschooling.

I’ll be updating our homeschool schedule and reading lists later tonight.
Another beginning this September is our Fellowship Group. We will be studying Jerry Bridge’s Respectable Sins. Sounds like a happy read, eh? Maybe not but one that is definitely needed in my life. It’s so easy to overlook those little sins while concentrating on my big ones BUT God calls me to holiness in all areas of my life. I’m looking forward to getting into this study….although with some trepidation!
I have a lot of pictures from this summer that I will be posting later this week. Be sure to check back!

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