All Things Home

I was supposed to have lunch with a friend yesterday but she cancelled because she wasn’t feeling well. It was cool and cloudy which made it a great day to stay home! As always, my favorite place to be. I like when it is cloudy because I put out my a lot of my candles. They make a cloudy day cheery!

I did the deep cleaning of the upstairs bathroom that I mentioned on Monday. It’s *really* clean!! I also did a much-needed thorough cleaning of our master bedroom. Besides the boxes that have yet to be put away, it is all nice and neat. I spent a lot of time going through my jewelry box and giving/throwing away some items. There were earrings without a match, broken pins, etc. that had been taking up too much room. It’s all organized now. The only thing I didn’t get to was the closet but I hope to do that next week.

I’m going grocery shopping and on my list is a lot of ingredients for stews and soups. It’s that time again although next week it is still going to be in the low 80’s. Is it too early to start?

Speaking of grocery shopping, I reorganized the pantry last week. With my permanent marker in hand, I added the expiration date to all my canned goods. I have to admit that I was not very diligent about rotating them as I should. This will definitely make it easier. I saw some areas where I needed to stock up and some where I had too many of one thing. I now have a checklist of everything in there and can see at a glance what is needed.

As I mentioned back in July, I felt I had lost my focus and wanted to change that. I have been doing just that! I have been putting most of my energies into our home and homekeeping. I am back to making meals from scratch. Back to a routine in my cleaning. Back to where the Lord wants me to be: a keeper at home!

I will leave you with some homekeeping thoughts:

Home, the spot of earth supremely blest,
A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest.
~Robert Montgomery

“When we traded homemaking for careers, we were implicitly promised economic independence and worldly influence. But a devil of a bargain it has turned out to be in terms of daily life. We gave up the aroma of warm bread rising, the measured pace of nurturing routines, the creative task of molding our families’ tastes and zest for life; we received in exchange the minivan and the Lunchable.” ~ Barbara Kingsolver

“The homemaker is a servant who is ministering for the LORD as much as any preacher or evangelist- the future of her family and therefore, society does indeed rest in her hands and the results will be eternal.” ~Unknown

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