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I Tore My Bible

Last Sunday while in church as I was turning to a passage in the Bible, I tore a page and I was glad! I have had my “new” Bible for over a year now and I have been babying it. This is the nicest Bible I’ve ever owned. You will laugh but I had such a hard time making a decision about this Bible. What version? What type of leather? Wide margins? Concordance? Study Bible? I finally decided on a NIV Wide Margin with goatskin leather. No study notes but an awesome concordance and beautiful wide margins all around. The goatskin is amazing; it is so soft it almost feels liquid. Everytime I pick up, I just love the feel of it.

But I wasn’t using it. Oh, I would read it, of course, and write notes in it but I was still treating it like a prized possession. It is prized but it’s also meant to be used. I found that a lot of times I would get out my old Bible, which I had since 1984. I would leave my new Bible in my church bag and take out my old. A few weeks ago I put my old one away permanently and now that I have a little rip in my new one (or I should just say my Bible) I feel like I can settle down with it and it make “mine” for good.

Has anyone else had a hard time switching to a new Bible….or am I the only crazy one??

1 thought on “I Tore My Bible”

  1. I totally relate! I keep bringing my old bible to church even though it is falling apart. I have purchased several “new” bibles but I'm having such a hard time breaking them in! Whew! I'm so glad I'm not alone in this!


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