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In My Home This Week

“Haste makes waste, no less in life than in housekeeping.”- Henry David Thoreau

I’m having a slow and steady week here at home. How does that look? For me, it involves these things:
Cooking–daily cooking and also preparing ahead. I cooked a whole chicken and now have meat for future dinners and lots of broth for soups! I also made the best tiramisu and it’s so easy!
Baking–brownies, muffins and various other goodies.
Cleaning–the usual laundry, vacuuming, dusting and more. It needs to be done every week but doesn’t the house look nice when it is all shiny and clean. It pleases the eye and lowers the stress!!
Reading–taking the time to read the Word, slowly and with expectation.
Crafts–I organized what I wanted to work on for the next few months (Christmas is coming!!) and will start on some projects this weekend
Serving–having time to serve the homeless on Tuesday; writing e-mails and cards to friends who are struggling or to just say “hi!”; being available when needed
Enjoying–the cool weather; a windy Wednesday; my husband and children; God’s creation; the time to do all of the above
Are all my weeks like this? No, some are filled with doctor’s appointments, lots of errands and being away from home. But those weeks can be calm and quiet also. It’s an attitude of the heart. One that I’m trying to cultivate more and more each day.
How is your week?

What say you?

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