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Back in July I wrote a post about losing my focus for all things home. Even before my crazy summer, I felt that I needed to be home more. I can say that these few months of being “home-focused” have been wonderful. I do not feel overwhelmed at all and the days have been mostly stress-free.

I would say my days are full but not busy. Does that make sense? I have been working on sewing projects, rubber stamping, and baking. I have been keeping up with the housework and laundry. It is so nice to see the house clean and uncluttered. Such pleasure for my eyes!

Being home-focused on most days has allowed me time to do other things. I have been able to take several ladies out for lunch and for fellowship/encouragement. It is such a blessing to talk about the things of the Lord and of our roles as wives and mothers. I have also been able to concentrate on spending time with my family. We are not always scattered every day!

Since that post, we have started up with our fellowship group meeting here every other Satuday night. Our study of “Respectable Sins” has been deep, convicting and provided lots of good conservation. I look forward to these nights much more than I did last year. I was so busy with too many activities last year that I would have to do most of my cleaning/cooking on Saturday before the group came then I would be exhausted. Now I’m able to plan my meal ahead of time and since the house is usually picked up, there isn’t a lot for me to do on Saturday except prepare the meal. So much nicer than being stressed!

I have also taken over as our church’s bookstore manager. I like working the bookstore but I don’t like getting home after 1:00 on Sundays. I was sharing the duties with another but she has decided not to continue. So, I’m looking for an assistant so we can switch off every other week. A request will be in the bulletin this week. Please pray that I will get a volunteer!

I have also taken on the duty of bringing flowers and a gift to moms who have their second (or more) baby. I really like this ministry and it doesn’t take much time at all. Another ministry I have started is to write notes to the ladies at church. I know I have been blessed when someone has taken the time to write me a note of encouragement or just to say they were thinking of me so I have started doing the same.

I know it is not popular or politically correct to be a keeper at home but it is correct in God’s eyes. I have not worked in the outside world for over 20 years and I am quite content to keep it that way. God has called women to be busy at home and I want to follow that calling with all my heart.

3 thoughts on “"Home-Focused"”

  1. What a nice post, Elaine. When I got “down sized” from my job 16 years ago, where I had worked for 13 years, I was depressed and anxious and thought it was the end of the world. (a little bit of a pride thing going on I think, looking back) Thank the Lord I got a grip and realized that being “at home” was what my heart really had always wanted. I've never looked back and I'm so thankful that all through our sons' teenage years I was able to be home full time. My days are full as well…and sometimes too busy. I still have to work on that now and then. I'm in a “new” stage of life now, caring for grandkids as well as aging parents.

    When my husband was downsized a couple friends asked me if I was getting my resume updated. It never occurred to me. The last thing my unemployed husband needed was for his wife to go out and get a job. God provided…I kept the home things going so life was as “normal” as possible. (This actually happened twice to us!)

    You mentioned the ministry of writing notes…when my father and my husband's father died (both on the same date, 3 yrs apart) someone from our church sent us a handwritten note of encouragement every 3 months for the first year following our loss. Just to know someone was thinking of us meant so much.

    sorry this comment got so long! You sure stirred up some memories for me!


  2. Excellent post. Just what I needed to read at just the right time. I like your idea about writing notes to ladies. It was earlier today that I cleaned out my stationary drawer and felt the desire to start sending friendly notes. Thanks for the inspiration.


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