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It doesn’t seem like two weeks since I’ve posted. What have I been doing? I looked over my calendar to see what has been going on these last weeks. It hasn’t been overly busy. We’ve had some doctor and orthodontist appointments, election day, errands, grocery shopping–the usual. I just haven’t been taking the time to post lately.

Julianne and I have started back playing games. Our game of choice is usually Trouble. Haha! We love that game and play it all the time. I also bought a set of dominoes and we’ve been playing Mexican Train a lot. Jessica was over the other night and we taught her to play. We’ll be taking the game when we go to New Jersey next week.

The last three days we have had rain, rain and more rain. I think we’re over 7″. It finally stopped today and as I was outside about 5:00 I saw the sun! It was beautiful!! Tomorrow it’s supposed to be sunny and warm. A perfect Lord Day’s…and we’re going to a surprise party after church to play miniature golf and ride go-karts.

Next Friday we’re driving up to spend five days with my mom. I thought Julianne had school off on the 24th (the day we’re returning) but she doesn’t! Oops! I don’t like her to miss any days of school but I really can’t come back sooner. I think it will be ok and I’ll get any homework assignments from her teacher. Of course, she can still do her history and Spanish there or here. 🙂

Since I will be gone until right before Thanksgiving, I’m going to do my grocery shopping on Tuesday. I know I have a lot of my ingredients in my pantry so I don’t think I really need to get that much. I just don’t want to shop on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The grocery stores are a little too crazy on that day!

I will leave you with a quote from Respectable Sins. Each lesson has been so convicting to me!!

“You will recognize that there is a recurring theme running through this chapter [discontentment] as well as the previous one [anxiety and frustration]. That theme is the importance of a firm belief in the sovereignty, wisdom, and goodness of God in all the circumstances of our lives. Whether those circumstances are short-term or long-term, our ability to respond to them in a God-honoring and God-pleasing manner depends on our ability and willingness to bring these truths to bear on them. And we must do this by faith; that is, we must believe that the bible’s teaching about these attributes really is true and that God has brought or allowed these difficult circumstances in our lives for His glory and our ultimate good.”

What say you?

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