daily life

Recent Pictures

Julianne working on her cell model for Biology
The completed project. Looks great!!

Making labels.

Tree murderers killing trees by our library. I was so sad to see this happen. I love trees.

Lids all organized!

Containers all organzied!

Items that don’t have matches. Where are they???

Our Lunch Bunch for December

Puzzle we were working on at my mom’s house.

Picture collage that my mom made. I love it!!

My friend, Pat, and I when I was up in NJ.

My dad’s marker.

Hannah, a friend, at her baby shower.

Hannah and her cake. She had a “Where the Wild Things Are” theme.

Wild Thing cake that Hannah’s sister, Melea, made for the party. So cute!!

1 thought on “Recent Pictures”

  1. Oh, I love the pictures! Last night Maddie and I went to the library and I was SHOCKED!!! I notcied something was different and then I realized all the trees were cut down!!! It too made me so sad!! 😦


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