daily life

Here at Home

Things have been going smoother here at home. Julianne is finishing up her last week of school. So far all her grades have been good. This afternoon we’ll find out about Biology. She took a test last week and also turned in her project. I think she did a great job on it!

Our tree is up but not decorated. I’m hoping to do that tonight and also get the house decorated. I only put a few decorations out; it is getting less and less each year. I just don’t have the energy anymore to put all that stuff away!!

I’m headed back to NJ again but for a quick trip. My mom needs some help so I’m driving up tomorrow, staying Thursday and driving back on Friday. Whew!

Jared moved into a house with two other guys so now we have another empty room. So now we have two children out of the home. Jared’s house is very nice and it was encouraging to see what he did on his own. There’s hope yet! Haha! I miss not seeing him everyday but that is all part of growing up and of letting go. The mommy in me would keep all my children next to me but I know that is not what is best. Ugh! I would hate to have a mama’s boy!

We’re going to turn his room into a guest room–after the holidays. It needs paint, new flooring and furniture. I have a friend who has a guest room and she calls it her thrift room since most everything in it was purchased at thrift stores and yard sales. I hope to follow her example.

Through all of these changes in my life, God is faithful. He is faithful when I am not. I’m reminded of this during Christmas time. He loved me so much that He became flesh in order to save me. He was faithful while I was not yet He still became God in the flesh! It hurts my brain to think about that too much. How could an infinite God be confined to finite flesh?

“……and you are to give Himm the name Jesus, because He will save His people from their sins.” (Matthew 1:21b)

What say you?

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