The Simple Woman’s Daybook

For Monday, January 4, 2010

Outside my window…..a partly cloudy sky and a cold, cold day…..I am very thankful for a warm home

I am thinking……of the lyrics to MercyMe’s “God with Us”. What a powerful worship song. It was great singing with 8,000 other people at Liberty University’s Winterfest on New Year’s Eve.

I am thankful for….a husband who provides for our family

From the learning rooms…..slowly getting ack into the routine after Christmas vacation

From the kitchen….geting ready to make vegetable beef stew for dinner tonight

I am going…..nowhere today! I love stay-at-home days.

I am reading…..The Chronological Bible

I am hoping….for more snow this weekend; I’m crazy, I know!

I am hearing…..the ticking of a clock

Around the house… is brown; brown grass, brown trees, brown dead leaves. Some might say it is depressing but I love how the trees look without leaves.

One of my favorite things…..watching National League Football, although it was hard watching the Eagles lose to the Cowboys.

A few plans for the week: getting the spare room ready for our oldest daughter to move back home; perhaps lunch tomorrow with a friend; getting back into the routine of carpooling and errands.

Here is a picture I’m sharing….my oldest at Christmas, Jessica and Jared:

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