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Germs, Germs, Go Away!!

Ever since last week there have been sick members of this household. Jessica was diagnosed with mono, Julianne and Michael both have very bad coughs and colds. Julianne missed co-op this week but has been able to keep up her work here at home. Her teachers have been e-mailing her with assignments also.

Michael went back to work the other day but came home each night and went right to bed! He won’t get a chance to rest tomorrow either because he’s working on our governor’s inauguration. He’s been there each day setting up.

Please pray for our daughter, Jessica. The Lord is really using circumstances to gain her attention and her need of Him. She recently moved back home, was diagnosed with mono and was let go from her job…..all in the space of a few days.

This week has not gone as planned for any of us but it has reminded me to hold my plans loosely and to be open to what the Lord brings my way.

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”–Proverbs 16:9 (ESV)

1 thought on “Germs, Germs, Go Away!!”

  1. We were all sick, too! John and I both had a nasty twenty-four hour virus, and we've all had colds. Doesn't it grow us in gratitude for all the days we feel well? That's been my pondering.


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