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Tuesday at Home

The snow is still on the ground but the roads are clear. I thought I would have to go out today but Julianne’s co-op classes were cancelled. Today was also when our church feeds the homeless and that was cancelled also. I guess some of the streets haven’t been plowed yet; and Julianne’s classes are in the next county, which is very rural, so I’m sure a lot of those roads haven’t been plowed.

Right now it is starting to sleet and it might change over to snow sometime tonight. There is little accumulation expected. There is also talk of another storm this weekend which could bring us more snow. Is this Central Virginia? It’s crazy!
I decided to make some muffins this morning. They were perfect for this chilly, cloudy day. So delicious hot out of the oven. Yum!! You can find the recipe on my recipe blog!!
I added my reading list for 2010 to the sidebar. I’m hoping to be able to read all the books listed and more!

I finished “Life Management for Busy Women” and really enjoyed it. It’s not a book of practical ideas, like something from Martha Stewart or Cheryl Mendelson but more on the spiritual side of managing our lives as wives and mothers. Elizabeth George focuses on managing 7 areas in our lives: spiritual, physical, home, financial, social, mental, and ministry. Each consisted of two chapters: the first chapter focuses on the discpline and the second offers some “how to’s”.

I especially like that the first thing she focuses on is our spiritual life and having a passion for God’s Word and a passion for prayer. We must be women of the Word!!

I’ve never written an official review of a book before so I’m not sure how it’s done but I do know that I did enjoy this book and its focus on managing our homes and lives to the glory of God. It’s easy to find homemaking books, and the two authors mentioned above have some good ones, but this book helps me to “do all to the glory of God” and to manage my home with the Lord in mind.
Julianne has decided to take a rest from karate for the month of February. She is concerned about her grade in biology and wants to work hard on raising it. She is my best student so far as managing her time and schoolwork. I almost never have to tell her to work on anything. She is very disciplined in getting it completed on time and she does a thorough job on everything she is given. She is a blessing (even if she didn’t do those things!).
At last, but certainly not least, the long wait is over and tonight begins the sixth and final season of……LOST!!

What say you?

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