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Another Snowstorm!!

Games to play while it snows:

Soup for lunch:
Our dogwood at the beginning of the storm:

This afternoon:

The mail was still getting through yesterday; haven’t seen a truck today!

Our snowstorm did come through! Yesterday it snowed about 4 or 5 inches before it turned to rain/sleet last night. Somewhere in the wee hours it changed back to snow and now we have about another 4 or 5 inches. We are nowhere near what people got farther north. My mom (in South Jersey) has about 2 feet and it’s still snowing as of 5:20 pm.
As of now we still have worship tomorrow but I don’t know if that will change. We are going down into the teens tonight and all this snow and slush is going to freeze. The plows haven’t even been through yet. I wonder if the youth will have their Super Bowl party tomorrow night?
Julianne did have co-op on Thursday and the public schools went in two hours late but were closed Friday because of the storm; so they were off most of the week. I’m sure the children are happy until they realize that they have to make it up at the end of the year. Another advantage to homeschooling!
I’ve been keeping busy working on my embroidery projects, playing games, reading, cooking and baking and watching TV. Julianne and I finally caught up on Emma. So far, so good! We’ll be watching the Super Bowl tomorrow night but will DVR Emma to watch later.
There is more snow/sleet forecast for Tuesday and Tuesday night and possibly another coastal storm this coming weekend. I’ll keep you posted…….

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