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This and That

This week started out slow since I was so sick but I started to fill better on Wednesday. I was so thankful to be done with that cold. It’s funny, Julianne and I were just talking last week that I haven’t had a cold in about 3 or 4 years–and I get sick. Funny!!
I made a Beef and Potato Casserole the other night. It’s one of my favorite comfort foods and reasonably easy to make. You can find it on my recipe blog, Serving Recipes at Home, here.
After years of using different rugs and mats in front of my sink and counters, I decided to purchase a GelPro kitchen floor mat. I only got it today but I can already tell the difference. It’s very cushiony and I hope it will help my feet from getting sore when I’m working.
We had Fellowship Group tonight and are making our way through Respectable Sins. One of the things we discussed in length was that nothing (or no one) causes us to get impatient or irritable. It is our own heart and sin that causes us to act that way! But we are not without hope!! God has given us the Holy Spirit and His power to overcome our sin. We have a choice whether to respond to a situation in a godly way or a sinful way.
Today it was 53 degrees and tomorrow it’s supposed to be near 60. Woot!! I love snow and I love winter but once it hits the 50’s during the day, I’m ready for spring. I noticed the buds are full on our maple tree. Spring is only a few weeks away.
Have a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow!!

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