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Two Weeks Have Flown By!

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I’ve posted. Time is just rushing by!! I know I say that a lot but that’s how I feel. Even though I am always looking for ways to simplify things, time is one of the things that can’t be slowed down.

These last 2 weeks have been packed. It seems toward the end of every school year it’s like this. Every Thursday I’ve been taking Dasher to the vet to get her package changed. Only 2 more weeks to go. It’s worked out well because I drive Julianne to co-op and then go to the vet, which is close by. Her foot is healing well and she can move around with her cast just fine. She hasn’t let it slow her down one bit!

What’s been keeping me busy? Lots of appointments for me and Julianne: vet, orthodontist, dentist, optometrist. We had the bug man out to do his annual termite inspection; replaced on the interior doors; and next week we’re getting a new fence put in the backyard. I’ve been to a used curriculum sale (another one Friday night…and Monday night), my usual visit each Thursday with a friend who is suffering from Lyme’s Disease, had friends over for dinner, started back meeting with Trish for Bible study and oh, keep up with laundry, cleaning, etc. Haha!

I’m such a poor blooger I’m surprised anyone is reading this! Co-op ends next week and I think life will slow down a bit. I will be in NJ for the first week of June so I hope to relax while visiting my mom and sister.

I have a lot more to share but I’ll break it up over the next few days. What have you all been doing? Please share your days!

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