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Here, There and Everywhere

The past few weeks have been full, full, full! After Memorial Day Julianne and I drove up to NJ to visit my mom and sister (who was visiting from NV). It was a short visit but we had a good time. On Friday night we went to see Tim Hawkins at a nearby church. He was so funny!! My sides hurt from laughing so hard.

We had planned to drive back to VA on Saturday because the Tim Hawkins’ show was at 9:00 pm but before I left for NJ, my dearest friend’s daughter called to say they were celebrating her mom’s birthday on the 5th with afternoon tea at The Jefferson Hotel. I did not want to miss that. So after the show, we went out to Denney’s and then drove through the night. We got back home at 5:00 am and I slept until noon and then went to Pam’s party at 3:00. What a whirlwind day!! I collapsed into bed that night.

I feel like I’ve been running every since I returned. Some of the happenings: church picnic, homeschool convention, dermatologist appointment, dinner with friends, Julianne getting her wisdom teeth out, a few concerts ending with another church picnic this past Sunday. And this weekend we are going on our annual church camping trip. Whew!

I’ll put up a few pictures in my next post.

What say you?

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