My New Toy

This is my new toy, the Amazon Kindle. I had been researching eReaders for a while and finally decided upon this. It was between the Kindle and iPad. I like the iPad; it looks cool and does a lot of neat things but in the end I decided I only wanted an eReader and nothing else.
I absolutely love it! The minute I took it out of the box, I knew it was meant to be. Haha! It is so lightweight and thin; it’s really very comfortable to hold. The eInk technology makes it so easy to read and there’s no glare. The Kindle is very easy on my eyes; it’s like reading from a regular book. One of the things that I didn’t like about the iPad was that it was a computer screen. There’s a lot of glare with a computer and it can be fatiguing to read for a long period of time. Because there’s no glare you can lay it flat and still read it fine. I bought the 6″ displayand it is just the right size. Instead of holding it like the picture above, I rotate it so the keyboard is on the left-hand side. At night, when I like to lay on the couch and read, I adjust the font size so I don’t have to wear my glasses.
The first book I downloaded was the Bible. It was so easy to do and it popped onto my Kindle in a few seconds. Amazing! The second book I downloaded was Elizabeth George’s new Inspector Lynley novel. As usual, it is excellent but I think all her books are amazing. I have been reading it every chance I get.
One of the nice things about the Kindle is you can add notes and bookmarks. There’s also a built-in dictionary–this comes in handy right now because Elizabeth George’s vocabulary is a lot better than mine!
There was one snafu….after I bought my Kindle, a few days later I was on Amazon’s website and I saw they had dropped the price by $70. Eeek! That’s a big difference!! I contacted customer service and since I had bought it within 30 days of the drop, they refunded the difference. Yeah!
So, if you are thinking of buying an eReader, I would recommend the Kindle. You won’t be disappointed.

3 thoughts on “My New Toy”

  1. Oooh, my daughter has been wanting a Kindle and I just saw in the paper the other day the price had come down. We always thought we could afford the Kindle just not her reading habit of costly down loads!


  2. My hubby has one and uses it on his hour long commute to and from work. He has a gadget that plugs into the car and the Kindle reads outloud to him. He is “reading” through the Bible this way. Says you have o get used to the electronic voice, but it does put dead time to good use.


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