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We’re Having a Heat Wave

We are still in the middle of our heat wave. The temperature is now 104* with a head index of 109*. I’ve been watering as much as I can and everything seems to be doing ok. We put a small fountain out front and I’ve noticed that a lot of bees and wasps have been visiting it daily. I’ve also put out some bowls and saucers of water for other creatures who may be thirsty.

We have two outdoor activities next week and I hope this heat wave will break before then. Tuesday I’m going with our youth group to a trip to Washington, DC to visit some museums and go to a Nationals game. The game is in the evening so hopefully it won’t be too hot! Thursday we were invited to go a Richmond Squirrels game. This is the team who took over when the Braves left town. This is their first year and we haven’t been to a game yet. There will be fireworks also! A little late for Independence Day but that’s ok. Fireworks are good anytime of year!

Tonight Julianne and I and some friends are going to see Alpha Theatre’s production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”. Last night was the first performance and we’ve heard only good things about it. We know a lot of the cast so that always makes the show better.

That’s about all from here. I haven’t been taking pictures lately but I will remedy that next week. Have a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow! Worship the Lord with gladness!!

What say you?

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