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Missionary Stories to Inspire Children

About five years I posted about missionary books that would inspire your children.  I want to repost that again here.  Our church is wrapping up a summer of mission emphasis.  We have had many of our supported missionaries visit and tell us about their work. It has been so encouraging to hear from these servants who are sharing Christ with others, some of them in places where it is very dangerous. 

I think these books will help children to get enthusiastic about missions!  Here’s the list:

To Endure Hardships

Worth Dying For – Nicholas Stoltzfus
Deliver the Ransom Alone – Verda J. Glick
The Hiding Place – Corrie Ten Boom
God’s Death Squad – Richard Belcher
Evangelists in Chains – Elizabeth Wagler
Coaks of Fire – Elizabeth Bauman
Trouble at Windy Acres – Mary Landis
In My Enemy’s Camp – Josef Korbel
The Smoke of a Thousand Villages – David and Naomi Shirbley

To Be Brave At An Early Age And Stand Up For The Right

They Would Not Be Moved – Harvey Yoder
Little Daisy and the Swearing Class
Paula, the Waldensian – Eva Lecomte
Captive Treasure – Milly Howard
The Shining Sword – Carles G. Coleman
Courage of Sarah Noble – Alice Dalgliesh
A Father’s Promise – Donna Hess
The Secret Church – Louise A.Vernon
Lost on a Mountain in Maine – Donn Fender
Run for your Life – Betty Swinford

To Be a Servant And Live For Others

Young Prince Hubert – Sidney Baldwin
Three Months under the Snow – reprint from Prism Publications
Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Harriet Beecher Stowe
Nobody Loves Me – O. F. Walton
Only A Servant – Kristina Roy

To Have a Zeal for Missions
Age 6-10 years

Miguel the Shepherd Boy – Edith Witmer
Mohan in the Jungle – Ella Grove
Sooky of the Philipplines – Mary Miller
Pedro – Marilyn S. Martin
Escape – Mona Dunckel
A Question of Yams – Gloria Repp
Missionary Stories with the Millers – Mildred A. Martin

Age 11-15 years

At Every Gate a Pearl – Shirley Boll
The Smoke of a Thousand Villages – David and Naomi Shibley
Paula, the Waldensian – Eva Lecomte
Seiko – Olga Abrahams
Forbidden Sunday School – Karin Moret
When Will We See Our Father Again? – edited by Margarete Schmidt
Dilek – Mollie Zook
Children of the Hills – Isobel Kuhn
Sammy Morris – Fern Neal Stocker
Gladys Aylward, Bold and Brave for God – Fern Neal Stocker
Gladys Aylward, the Adventure of a Lifetime – Janet and Geoff Benge
Amy Carmichael, Rescuer of Precious Gems – Janet and Geoff Benge
Hudson Taylor, Deep in the Heart of China – Janet and Geoff Benge
William Carey, Obliged to God – Janet and Goeff Benge
Nate Saint, On a Wing and a Prayer – Janet and Goeff Benge
Lottie Moon, Giving Her All for China – Janet and Goeff Benge
Tekko Returns – Alie Vogelaar
What Will Tomorrow Bring? – Betty M. Hockett
Young Man in a Hurry – Iris Clinton
On the Alaskan Trail and Other Missionary Stories – Margaret Jean Tuininga
Trail Maker, The Story of David Livingstone – Robert O. Latham
Friend of the Chiefs, The Story of Robert Moffat – Iris Clinton
Imprisoned in the Golden City – Dave and Neta Jackson
More than Gold – Evelyn Hege
These are My Peple – Mildred T. Howard
Marita – Evelyn Hege
The Smuggler’s Quest – Lily A. Bear

Youth to Adult

The Lim Family of Singapore – M. H. Finlay
Vanya – Myrna Grant
The Shadow of the Almighty – Elisabeth Elliot
In My Enemy’s Camp – Josef Korbel
Behind the Ranges – Geraldine Taylor
Awaiting the Dawn – Dorcas Hoover
Reaching Muslims for Christ – William J. Saal
John Paton – Benjamin Unseth
Eternity in Their Hearts – Don Richardson
Lords of the Earth – Don Richardson
Peace Child – Don Richardson
Ten Fingers for God – Dorothy Clarke Wilson
Totally Surrounded – Christine Davis
Tomorrow You Die – Reona Peterson Joly
Revolution in World Missions – K. P. Yohannan
Bruchko – Bruce Olson
Torches of Joy – John Dekker with Lois Neely
God’s Smuggler – Brother Andrew with John & Sherrill
Through Gates of Splendor – Elisabeth Elliot
The Savage My Kinsman – Elisabeth Elliot
The Great Omission – Steve Saint
Ann of Ava – Ethel Daniels Hubbard
Deliver the Ransom Alone – Verda J. Glick
Mimosa – Amy Carmichael
The Condor of the Jungle – C. Peter Wagner & Joseph S. McCulloughAnswering the Cry – Kenneth Eagle
George Mueller – Basil Miller
Jonathan Goforth – Rosalind Goforth
John and Betty Stam – Kathleen White
Isobel Kuhn – Lois Hoadly Dick
M. A. Thomas The Man with the Heart as Big as India – Richard P. Belcher
God’s Orphan Army – Richard Belcher
God’s Death Squad – Richard Belcher
Blazing the Missionary Trail – E. Myers Harrison
Judith – N. I. Saloff-Astakhoff
Hidden Rainbow – Christmas Carol Kauffman
In His Name – Edward E. Hale
God Knows My Size – Harvey Yoder
And the Word Came with Power – Joanne Shetler
Daring to Live on the Edge – Loren Cunningham
The Indigenous Church – Melvin L. Hodges
Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret – Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor
The Growth of a Soul – Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor
The Growth of a Work of God – Dr. and Mrs. Howard Tayor
The Man with the Bird on His Head – John Rush and Abbe Anderson
From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya – Ruth A. Tucker
Brother Andrew – Dan Wooding
Coffee on the Terrace – Bruce Grayden
The Torch of Triumph – Sally Laity
Child of the Crossfire – Alcyon Ruth Fleck
The Go Manual Compiled – Grahame Dryden and Anna Kim
John Hyde – Francis McGrawTouching the Untouchables – M. A. Thomas
Thirty Days of Prayer with Christ for India – M. A. Thomas
A Passion for the Impossible – Miriam Huffman Rockness
Slices of Life – Aretta Loving
Stronger than the Strong – Louise Morris
The Spirits of Mindoror – Catherine L. Davis
Where There is no Dentist – Murray Dickson

I would also recommend the books put out by Youth With A Mission publishing.  Some of their books are on this list but many are not. 

What say you?

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