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Summer Busyness

It seems the busyness of summer is continuing.   Michael was in New York City for two weeks and during that time I (sometimes with Julianne) served the homeless, had a deacon’s meeting, worked in VBS for a week, cleaned the church, had lunch with two different friends, took Julianne to her dance class, went on field trips and went to a get together with everyone at church who had been to Honduras.  Whew!

Homeschool notes:
School starts in two weeks so I am starting to finalize lesson plans and also to purchase anything that’s needed.  Most of the stores have had their school supplies out since July so they are getting picked over.  I’m thankful that I have stocked up on a lot of items over the years so I don’t really need to buy much.  Julianne found a really nice backpack at Target today that has room (and padding) for her laptop.  She has a study hall at co-op and will be able to use her laptop there.  I think with her new writing class she will be using it a lot. 

This summer Julianne (and sometimes me) has been taking a lot of field trips with one of the teacher’s from co-op.  So far she has gone to Tredegar Iron Works, Virginia Historical Society, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Maymont Park and the Dooley Mansion, Chimborazo Hospital, Oakwood Cemetery and the Richmond Canal. Still scheduled are Museum of the Confederacy, Hollywood Cemetery and Pamplin Park
We have really had a great time visiting these places and a lot of them are free!  I will post some pictures later of our field trip yesterday.

Homekeeping notes:
One of our projects this summer is to get all the new doors painted.  We still have a few weeks to accomplish this!  I did organize our master bedroom closet and by giving away a lot of old clothes and storing my purses in plastic containers, we now have a lot of shelf space that is empty.  Woo hoo!! 

My pantry needs a good purging and cleaning so that is next on my list.  Most of my homekeeping projects for the fall involve crafts.  I would like to finish up some sewing projects, work on rubber stamping some cards (for myself and for gifts), learn to do quilling as I think it will make a nice addition to my cards, and make some Christmas gifts.

One of the things I miss most is cooking.  It seems we have been so busy lately and all of us have been coming and going at different times that I haven’t been in the kitchen much.  I plan to change that once we are back to our fall routine. I have so many new recipes I’d like to try.  When I do (and if my family likes them), I will post them on my recipe blog.

That’s some of things that have been going on or will be going on in my home! 

What say you?

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