Junior year

This week Julianne started her junior year.  11th grade….that’s so hard to believe!  Tuesday we went to orientation at Chesterfield Christian Academy for her Forensics/Anatomy class.  There were so many people there that she knew!  It was fun to see some homeschooling moms that I haven’t seen in a while.  She will be going there on Wednesdays for one hour and while she’s there I’ll be able to sit in the cafeteria/lounge.

Today Julianne started her art class.  It’s north of downtown Richmond and I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to drive there but it turned out to be about 25 minutes!  It’s in her teacher’s home and it was really easy to get there.  Julianne will be there for 1.5 hours each Wednesday afternoon.  Her teacher said I could wait in her home but she also mentioned a nearby coffee shop.  It was lovely!!  It was very quiet and my lunch was delicious.  I look forward to going there every Wednesday afternoon.

Tomorrow is Julianne’s first day at Southside Co-Op where she’ll take Algebra II, College Prep Writing and Government/Economics.  Whew!  This year we’re only doing Spanish and History/Geography at home. 

Tuesday through Thursday will be busy but we are home on Mondays and Fridays.  Also, Julianne is taking a break from karate so we will be home almost every evening except when she has ballroom dancing!

Exciting times ahead…..

1 thought on “Junior year”

  1. Good morning…sounds like you are one busy lady! Julianne has quite the schedule for this fall…what kind of art is she studying? My dad was artistic but never had any formal training, but left many acrylic paintings for friends and family. Would love to get to know you more…I wasn't a homeschooler in the sense that you are, but if I had it to do today I would sure try it. I have four grands now and two more on the way…so there is never a dull moment. Come back and visit when you have a chance. Are you going to make an entry to name the coffee shop? Sounds like a great way to pass the time during your daughter's art lesson!


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