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From Clutter to Clarity

I finished reading “From Clutter to Clarity” by Nancy Twigg and thought it was very good.  It’s not a typical get-rid-of-clutter-by-doing-this kind of book but it addresses clutter from a different perspective….from the heart.  The book is divided into four sections:  An Issue of the Heart, From Cluttered Thoughts and Attitudes to Inner Clarity, From Cluttered Lifestyle to Outer Clarity, and From Cluttered Money Matters to Financial Clarity. 

She starts out by giving a new definition of clutter:  anything that complicates your life and prevents you from living in peace as you live out your purpose.

Later she says:  When it comes right down to it, the source of much of life’s craziness is clutter.  Clutter in our minds, in our homes, and in our finances.  Think  of  all the energy and effort you expend each day just dealing with clutter.  Think about the emotional stress and strain it causes you.  Just like bacon grease poured down the kitchen drain, clutter gunks up the works and keeps life from working well.

I was really challenged by the section on a Cluttered Lifestyle.  The five chapters were:  No is Not a Dirty Word, Too Busy for God, Making Peace with Our Possessions, Escaping the Technology Trap, and More is Never Enough.

Here are some quotes from those chapters:
“As with Martha’s (of  Mary and Martha fame) cooking and cleaning, there’s nothing inherently wrong with any of these activities.  The problem is when they become a hindrance and keep us from doing what really matters–spending quality time with our Lord and the people He puts in our paths.”

“When you truly put first things first, all other things fall in line.”

“NO is not a dirty word.  Let go of being a yes-woman so you can be a woman who truly knows how to put first things first.”

“The truth is that spending time with God  is the most important thing we’ll do all day!  Our spiritual health depends on it.”

“He has infinite ability to work wonders with our time, and when we give Him the first portion of it, we put ourselves in a position to  gain ground.”

“He is the one over everything.  Nothing is beyond His abilities; nothing is headed your way that He doesn’t know about.  No matter what pressing needs or urgent demands are on your schedule, He wants to be included–not excluded because you think you cannot squeeze Him in.”

“Unneeded possessions are clutter–clutter that robs us of space, time, and peace of mind.”

“Because clutter is too much of things that contribute too little, it disrupts the equilibrium in your life.”

Tomorrow I’ll discuss the chapter on escaping the technology trap!

What say you?

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