From Clutter to Clarity (Part 2)

Here are some excerpts from the chapter entitled, “Escaping the Technology Trap”:

“The very devices that are supposed to simplify life often complicate things by placing even more demands on our time and attention.  Instead of freeing us, technology can actually weigh us down with the heavy burden of  trying to keep up with it all.”

“We believe our lives will be simpler and less stressful, yet actually we have more stress as we deal with information overload.” 

“….I think Jesus wouldn’t let anything electronic stand in the way of what matter most–loving God and loving people.”

“A major component of living with clarity is  learning to use God’s gifts for His glory.  Technology is a gift, but how you employ it is up to you.”

“Anything that interrupts communication and hinders family time is  a relationship barrier.”

“Think about the time you spend with these conveniences.  How much of  that time is necessary?  And how  much would be better spent in talking with your spouse, playing with your kids, or having quiet time alone with God?

As you work through these questions, ask God for wisdom and discernment.  Invite him to reveal ways in which you may have inadvertently let technology get the upper hand.  The goal is not to throw technology away altogether and go back to the stone age.  You simple want to set limits so that it doesn’t take over your life.  If you  ask, God will help you do that.”

Some very good thoughts, indeed!

What say you?

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