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Trees and Heat Pumps

The autumn season is finally here.  The trees are all starting to turn although the maple in the front year is still mostly green with touches of yellow and red.  We had our first frost and freeze last week but the temperatures have gone back up.  All this week we will be in the 60’s during the day and 40’s during the night….and it will be brilliantly sunny.  There is nothing like the bright blue sky in autumn!

Remember this summer that we had a fence put in our backyard?  Apparently when it was installed the contracters cut through part of the electrical cable.  It caused our electricity to go out one day in the summer.  The electric company came, worked on and all seemed well.  Until last week.  Again our lights were out but only in half the house.  We finally turned off the power to the whole house to prevent a surge.  Again the electric company came to restore power but too late….our heat pump had seized.  We have it working now temporarily (thanks to our wonderful neighbor) but it will definitely need to be replaced…the whole thing.  All $4500 of it.  Merry Christmas everyone!! 

Thankfully it is working today.  Last night we didn’t have any heat and it was cold.  I’m glad we have lots of blankets!!  The temperature in our room was 61* this morning.  Brrrr……I didn’t want to get out of bed.  It’s now up to 68*, which feels tropical.  Haha!

Please pray that we get the situation resolved soon and that our temporary fix will last until we can get a new heat pump installed.  Thanks so much!

1 thought on “Trees and Heat Pumps”

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