In our last Fellowship Group meeting, we went over several chapters from the book “Humility” by C. J. Mahaney (see link at the bottom of the blog).  It was all about beginning and ending our day with the Lord in order to attack pride and cultivate humility.  I really liked some of the ideas and wrote them on 4×6 cards so I can refer to them frequently.

1.  Reflect on the wonder of the cross of Christ
       -it is there, at the foot of the cross, that we shrink to our true size
2.  Begin my day by acknowledging my need for God
        -purpose by grace that my first thought of the day will be an expression of my dependence on God, my need for God and my confidence in God.
3.  Begin my day by expressing gratitude to God
        -greet the Savior with gratefulness, not grumbling
        -am I a thankful observer of the countless indications of His provision, His presence, His kindness and His grace??
4.  Practice spiritual disciplines
       -prayer, study of God’s Word, worship
5.  Seize my time in the car (or your commute if you work)
       -use the time in the car to memorize and meditate on Scripture
       -there are other “mundane moments” throughout the day that can be seized as opportunities to experience God’s transforming grace by memorizing and meditating on Scripture
                 -use those moments to allow Scripture to transform my thinking
6.  Cast my care upon Him
7.  Review the end of my day and carefully assign all glory to God for the grace I’ve experienced that day
       -this is a humble way to end each and every day
8.  Receive the gift of sleep from God and acknowledge His purpose for sleep
        -be thankful that we have a God that never sleeps or slumbers!
        -if possible, make my final thought each night an expression of gratefulness for the Savior’s sacrifice on the cross as my Substitute for my many sins
       -seize this opportunity by setting apart sleep as a holy gift from God, as a reminder of my full dependence on Him and as an occasion to examine my heart before Him

What say you?

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