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A Busy Week

Since Thanksgiving I feel like I have been in a fog.  It seems there is so much to be done!!  I don’t go to the Black Friday sales so I was spared all that craziness.  I did do some shopping on Monday during the day when the stores aren’t so crowded.  The kids are all getting big presents this year so I just needed to pick up some small things and items for their stockings.  Every year I ask them if they still want stockings and every year they say “yes”!!  I guess it is a tradition they enjoy!
Also on Monday our new heat pump was installed.  I took the three dogs to the kennel so they would be out of the way while the men worked.  Since they would be going inside and out and leaving the back gate open, we thought it was best to have the dogs out of the way.  Michael stayed home from work so make sure everything went ok.  It was so nice to have “real” heat that night!!  And it’s amazing how efficient it is.  Tuesday morning I turned it up to 68 from 65 and it only took a little while to reach the temperature.  Our old unit would have run for an hour or more!  I know our bill for this last month will be high because we were  running on emergency heat but I’m looking forward to seeing what it will be with the new unit! 
We have our claim into the power company and hopefully they will accept it and reimburse us for this unit.  Please continue to pray for us!
I’m driving up to New Jersey tomorrow and will be back on Monday.  No internet!  I don’t mind being without the internet but I do miss e-mail.  Oh well, I will enjoy the peace and quiet.
See you next week!

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