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February Ending Soon

Another week has gone by and February is coming to an end.   I noticed today that there were buds on my maple tree and the tips of my tulips were poking through the soil.  Can spring be far behind?  One of the things we really need is rain and we’re supposed to get a lot on Friday.  I’m sure all the new growth will appreciated it.

The robins have been coming to visit.  I forgot how big they are compared to all our finches and sparrows.  I’ve been putting water in bowls for them and was thinking about starting up the water fountain again during the warm days.  BUT–a cat climbed on it the other day and broke it.  So…..that will have to wait until Michael can fix it.
Julianne has been doing very well with her homeschooling.  Last week she got an “A” on her Algebra test.  She has been having a hard time in that class but she persevered, studied and worked out and it paid off.  I’m thankful and she is also!

It’s hard to believe she only has three more months until she graduates!!  This past week we’ve been looking at old photographs that she can use in her graduation memory book and also in a PowerPoint presentation that will be at the ceremony.  It’s been fun to remember what she was like when we first homeschooled and to see her papers and how her handwriting looked!!  I even found one of her preschool books.  So cute!!
This past we I finished memorizing Isaiah 40:28-31.  Whew!  It has been such a blessing to be memorizing these verses.  I think about them all the time!  God’s Word is truly getting into my heart.  This coming Sunday Trish and I will be reviewing all the verses we’ve memorized and then starting on our next one.  Mine is Isaiah 41:10.  You’ll have to look it up to see what it is.  🙂
My times at the gym have been good….in a painful way.  Haha!!  I’ve made it up to 30 minutes on the treadmill and 25 minutes on the bike.  I am so tired when I finish; my legs feel like noodles.  Next week I’m going to add some strength training to that.

It hasn’t been easy to get out the door to go but once I’m there, I’m glad (sort of).  One of things that has really helped is listening to my iPod.  Some days I’m listening to music;  Skillet is at the top of the list right now because they get me moving!  Other days I’m listening to audio books.  Right now it’s John Piper’s Don’t Waste Your Life.  I’ll be able to “read” through quite a few books this way!
I’m leading a Bible/book study that started tonight using the book, Damsels in Distress: Biblical Solutions for Problems Women Face.   I’ll tell you more about it next time as I’m tired and heading for bed.

Have a blessed day (or evening or whenever you read this)!

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