Weekly Schedule

Everyday is not the same and I’ve learned to hold my schedule lightly. Proverbs 19:21 says, “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”  That has really put interruptions and changes in “my” plans into perspective.  I have this little note written on a card that is on my planner:
Lord, help me to be satisfied with Your plans today.  I have my own plans but help me to be satisfied with what You have planned for me.

It has helped me to remember that God planned those interruptions in my day and I need to see them as coming from Him.  I have learned how I respond to interruptions can make all difference.  I can look at those interruptions as blessings…obviously God has a much better plan for me or I can look at them as a nuisance. And if I look at them that way, what am I saying?  I am telling God that MY plans are better than His; if I grumble and complain, I’m saying I don’t want this in my life and see it as an intrusion into MY day.  Do you see the sinfulness of that attitude?  

To that end, here’s how my weekly schedule is planned:
Monday:       laundry, clean kitchen, letter writing
Tuesday:       finish any laundry, clean living/dining room  (out)
Wednesday:  clean family room, baking (out)
Thursday:      clean bathrooms (out)
Friday:          clean office, work at desk (bills, lesson planning, etc.)
Saturday:      yard work, menus, shopping lists, coupon cutting
The (out) after certain days is when I have to be out of the house, usually driving to co-op or other activities that Julianne has planned.  It will be nice when she can drive on her own.  
In the evenings I am have a schedule also but it is definitely different each week.  Right now I’m teaching a weekly Bible study and also doing a Bible study with a friend so my evenings are mostly spent in working on those studies.  I’m trying to work on my embroidery projects each day but lately that hasn’t happened.  

I have always been one to work on routines and not schedules.  Now I know that some things need to be scheduled like appointments, activities, etc. but I don’t think we need to schedule our days down to the very minute!!  I tried this and it just didn’t work for me.  When the kids were little, our routine was something like breakfast, chores, school, lunch, room time, etc.  We followed that routine as best we could but I could not be confined into breakfast at 8:00, chores from 9 to 9:30, etc.  Every day brings different challenges and it was easier to be flexible and follow through with our routine than to “get behind” in our day.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Schedule

  1. That was an awesome post. I too find my life gets to busy and I am sure that is not the Lord's plan for me. I loved the idea of hoping to do the Lord's plan.
    I used to be really good at scheduling myself; but now I am more like a side tracked home executive. I do need some order in my life; so I am going to re-evaluate my non schedule and be more open to the Lord's plan for me.
    Blessings! LeAnn


  2. I have tried “schedules” over the years and they don't seem to work very well. I just re-evaluated my weekly plan on Sunday and set up a “routine” (taking into consideration activities at scheduled times out of the home) that I hope will be more manageable. It is definitely nice that Brittany has her license now. 🙂


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