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Margin–FREE for Kindle Users

This book has been such a blessing to me; I wrote about it here.  Remember you don’t need a Kindle to read this book or any other Kindle eBook.  You can download the Kindle app to your phone, laptop or computer.  For a limited time, this book is free so head on over to Amazon and download it….now.  😉

3 thoughts on “Margin–FREE for Kindle Users”

  1. Thanks for the reminder about “Margin” (I looked back at your previous blog). I've read the book twice, but still forget to apply it far too often. Thanks for the tip on the free Kindle book, too. I had no idea you could get Kindle books without a Kindle to read them on.


  2. Thanks you for sharing your the book reccomendation. I am going to link my daughter to your site. She homeschools and has timing problmes here and there so this could bless her life. Thanks for sharing and blessings to you! LeAnn


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