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Greener Grass Conspiracy

Crossway Books asked 100 bloggers to review Stephen Altrogge’s new book, entitled “The Greener Grass Conspiracy”.  I am one of the chosen!
Stephen is a blogger over at The Blazing Center.  I’ve always found his blog very encouraging and a lot of times very funny.  I follow him on Twitter and he always makes me laugh.   He is also a pastor and a singer/songwriter for Sovereign Grace Music.
Stephen’s writing is very engaging and easy going.  This book was a joy to read not only because it had humor but it was also very practical.  Throughout the book there were examples of what to do if you are not content in your circumstances.  
I liked his definition of contentment:  a disposition of the heart that freely and joyfully submits to God’s will, whatever that may be.  It really comes down to a heart issue.  In the chapter, ‘I Worship My Television”, he has a section called You Might Be An Idolater If… with examples of the way we might be thinking wrongly about our circumstances.  He says later in the chapter, “We take action by repenting of idols and turning away from them.  To repent is to change both your thinking and your behavior.  Repenting of idol worship takes different forms depending on the idol.”  He then goes on to give examples of how to change our thinking and behavior.  
This book is filled with practical ideas to deal with our heart.  Each chapter ends with Stop-Think-Do questions that reinforce the chapter and dig deeper in a more personal way.  It would be good for a discipleship study with another.
Statements like this will cause you to examine your heart closely:  “When we complain, we’re loudly saying that the blessings of the gospel aren’t enough.  We’re saying that the death of Christ isn’t enough.  We’re saying that eternal fellowship with God, purchased at great cost to God, isn’t enough to satisfy our souls” and it continues like that for the rest of the paragraph.  
If you are struggling with contentment, then I urge you to pick up this book.  It’s a Scripture-filled guide to helping you set your eyes and thoughts on Jesus.  Convicting but full of practical ideas and examples to encourage you on that journey toward our final home.  As Stephen says near the end of the book, “If we’re going to escape the Green Grass Conspiracy, we must keep our eyes fixed on heaven”.  

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