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It’s Getting Closer!

Graduation is now two weeks away!  Julianne and I worked on the announcements last weekend and they were all mailed Monday and Tuesday.  There are nine high school graduates from church this year.  Most of them are home schooled and some of them will be graduating with Julianne on the 21st.

The menu for her party is planned out.  I contacted a friend at church and she is going to make cupcakes for us.  She has her own home business and is very talented.  Julianne wanted these instead of cupcakes.  She also wants me to make her favorite macaroni salad.  You can find it here on my recipe blog.  We’re also have the usual cook-out food but adding some vegetarian options for Julianne and others.

Now that the announcements are out, I can work on Julianne’s memory book.  I’m not a scrapbooker so it won’t be anything fancy.  I have all her school pictures over the years and I just want to put those into a nice album for people to look through at the party.
I finished up the ladies’ Bible study last night.  I’m sad to end it but glad at the same time!  It really was very time-intensive.  I think if I teach again and it is every week, I would like to co-lead with someone else.  That way all the studying time is not condensed in one week.  Now I have a teeny, tiny taste of what our pastor goes through each week.
Last week our Lunch Bunch ladies went to Lewis Ginter Botanical Park and we had a great time.  Here’s a few pictures:.

1 thought on “It’s Getting Closer!”

  1. have a lovely time at the graduation and party. This is always such a fun time in a young woman's life.
    Loved all of the pictures. The flowers were awesome.
    Blessings to you!


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