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A Busy Week

This week has been very busy preparing for Julianne’s graduation and party.  Tuesday I went grocery shopping and picked up most of the items I need for her party.  My fridge is now full of 192 hot dogs!!  Tomorrow my husband and I will be picking up charcoal, etc. for the grills and also water bottles for the party.  I decided to go with water instead of soda because it’s healthier and it won’t attract bees!  (But I guess the hot dogs aren’t healthy.  Oh well!)
Speaking of healthy, I have not drank a Dr. Pepper since May 9th.  Woo Hoo!!  I have to say that I look longingly at the bottles when I’m in the checkout lines at Target or the grocery store.  Actually, I haven’t had any caffeine drink since then.  I’m trying to drink more water but truthfully it is hard!  Pray for me!
This afternoon Julianne and I went up to the local community college to take their placement test and apply to attend in the fall.  She did very well on the reading/writing part and “ok” on the math part.  But we expected that so it was fine.  Tomorrow I have to call to make an appointment to see the dean and give him some paperwork since she is only 16.  After that we can pick out her course of study and then wait until July to sign up for classes.  It’s amazing to me that this time has already come.  The years have literally flown by and we are entering a new phase in our lives.
I still haven’t put together Julianne’s scrapbook.  I asked a friend to help me tomorrow night.  I hope she’s available.  I haven’t a clue how to go about putting it together.  Well, I can put it together but need help making it look nice!!
That’s about all from here.  Things should get back to normal around here next week and I hope to be able to post more.  Until then may you have a blessed day!!

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