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A Reminder to Myself

I didn’t heed my own advice to leave margin in my day and I paid the price.  I’m so tired!!  This morning was my team’s day to feed the homeless and that is always a busy day.  Actually a busy two days because I shop for all the salad ingredients the day before and do a lot of the prep work.

We finish serving and cleaning up around 1:00 and then we all go out to lunch together…and then head home. But, today, for some reason I thought I should just add a bunch of extra errands into the mix before we went home.  By the time we got everything accomplished and returned home, it was almost 5:00!!

When I don’t allow enough margin in my day, then I feel rushed and irritated because I’m trying to get a lot done in a little amount of time.  If there’s not enough margin, then there is no room for mistakes….and no room for ministry.  I won’t be able to talk with the bank clerk or cashier.  Margin is something that’s very important to my sanity!!

If you haven’t read Margin yet, I hope you’ll pick up a copy. It will definitely help you to create “white space” around your time, finances, health and spiritual life.  Click here to find it on Amazon:  Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives.

(I’m an Amazon Associate and I earn a referral fee if you click through to the link and purchase the book.  No one has bought any yet so I don’t know how much I earn.  :-D)

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