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I had decided to put all my vacation pictures onto a separate page but I messed something up and they all disappeared so I will have to try again…but not this week!

I am on the “craft team” for our upcoming VBS and we have been busy preparing all the crafts.  This week we have two prep days plus all the stuff I’m doing at home.  I am taking this material:

and cutting it into these squares–ALL the material!!

Thankfully I have a rotary cutter and the material is thin so I can layer it.  I have about another hours’ worth of cutting to do!!

Besides the two VBS prep meetings, I am feeding the homeless tomorrow and going to our church’s baptism in the evening.  Wednesday I’m getting my hair cut and prep meeting that evening.  Thursday during the day I am free and will probably do chores but Thursday night we have a deacon’s meeting.  Friday the exterminator is coming over because I keep seeing ants in my kitchen and Friday night I’m going out to dinner with a friend.  Whew!

My weeks are not normally like that; it just happened that everything fell into place this week!  I’m thankful that my days and weeks are usually much quieter.
I have been having trouble with my eyes not focusing well for close-up reading when I first wake up.  I like to do my devotions in the morning and it has been very hard to do that.  This morning I started listening to John MacArthur’s sermon series on Philippians on my iPhone.  I think this solution will work very well!
My girlfriend, Trish, and I signed up to go The Gospel Coalition’s 2012 Women’s Conference.  We’re so excited.  I’ll be able to fly down using the vouchers I got when our flight was twice-bumped coming back from my sister’s in NV.  Can you imagine a whole weekend with all those wonderful speakers?  I know the Lord will have a lot in store for me!
That’s about all from here.  It has been thundering for about two hours now but no rain.  I know a lot of the country is in a similar situation.  We need relief from this heat and help for our plants!  I hope you all are able to stay cool wherever you are!

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