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God is Faithful…

…even when I am not.  That fact was made clear to me (again) last Tuesday morning.  The first Tuesday of every month our church serves a homeless meal at another church in the city.  We have four teams, made up of 5 people, who serve on a rotating basis.  This month was not my rotation but I was filling in for someone else.  On Monday night I received an email from the team leader telling me that they were going to be shorthanded.

Did I take a moment and pray about it?  No, I immediately started thinking what “I” could do to fix the situation. I sent out an e-mail to a bunch of people asking for volunteers.  When I woke up the next morning and checked my messages…nothing.  Did I pray about it?  No!  Again, I started making plans…thinking that “I” had to fix this!

But God is faithful…always.  I went ahead and drove to the church thinking that we were going to have to do this with just 3 people.  But while we were in the middle of preparing our meal, I get a call from a member of our church, Barry.  He heard we needed someone to help and he was on his way!  Earlier I had mentioned my plight to my husband, who “happened” to mention it to our church secretary, and Barry just “happened” to stop by church and heard about it.  God was (and still is) in control.  He was planning this all along for my good and His glory.  He showed Himself faithful and true.  He showed me that He is sovereign.  He showed me that I can’t do anything without Him.

Lord, help me to turn to you first whenever I need help and not to rely on my own strength.

1 thought on “God is Faithful…”

  1. Good words…lots of situations going on right now that we are trying to not jump ahead and try to fix ourselves. Some days we're more successful than others. So *good* to know He doesn't depend upon us, and cannot be deterred by us, either!


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