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Weather News

Since August 24, we have had over 10″ of rain in our area.  There are no longer any water restrictions!  The last two days we have had heavy downpours and thunderstorms but today was mostly sunny.  Thankfully, our area has not had the devastating floods like the Northeast.

I’m looking forward to the cooler weather and the things I love:  sweaters, soups and stews, the beautiful autumn foliage, warm days and crisp evenings, and sleeping with the windows open. It shouldn’t be too long before a good cold front comes through and gets rid of all this humidity.

Since the weather has been so crazy lately, my husband is looking into getting a generator.  Hurricane season still has two months to go and then winter.  Our area is right on the rain/snow line so we get a lot of freezing rain and sometimes ice.  We haven’t had a bad storm in a long time but this winter might be different.

I found some puzzles on clearance the other day and hope to work on those this coming season.  I also like to work on my embroidery!  In a few weeks some of the ladies at church are going to teach a knitting class. We want to make 120 scarves to give to the homeless.  I hope I can knit one or two…I’m not sure how easy it is to learn to knit!!

Even during these times of uncertain weather, it’s comforting to know that God is still in control.  From Trusting God:

Whether the weather is nice or bad, we are never the victims or even the beneficiaries of the impersonal powers of nature.  God, who is the loving heavenly Father of every true Christian, is sovereign over the weather, and He exercises that sovereignty moment by moment.

Thank You, Lord, for Your sovereign control over every area of our lives!!

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