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Bookmobile Memories

I like the above poster because it reminds me of going to elementary school in the early 60’s.  It was such a simple time then!  Our school didn’t have a library but we did have a bookmobile that came every week; at least I think it was every week.

I can remember lining up just like this and waiting to go into that wonderful bus.  It was filled with books!  Every week I would hurry up and pick out the books I wanted to read.  The reason I rushed was so I could have time to read the other books that were there.  One of my favorites was (and still is) The Little House.  Oh, I loved this story and would read it over and over!!  Others books that I liked were Harry the Dirty Dog and No Roses for Harry!  How fun these books were to read and I’m so glad they are still in print.  As my children were growing up, I was able to read these to them and they have come to love them as much as I do!

I remember the inside of it looking like this with all the shelves full of books and I would sit near the back, out of the way, so I could read, read, read!!  I don’t know if there are still bookmobiles out there.  I hope so!  But if not, make sure you take your children to the library on a regular basis.  Cultivate in them a love of reading.

Now, go read a book!!

2 thoughts on “Bookmobile Memories”

  1. Hello, Servant! I'm a new reader who happened to find you when looking for other homeschooling blogs.

    Ahhh…my first library visit of memory was at age three, onto the Bookmobile. My great grandmother lived about 20 miles outside of a tiny town (pop. 300), and she had them drive out about once a week just for me. My favorite books were Curious George! How I loved the Man in the Yellow Hat!

    Thank you for the sweet memories!


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