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Catching Up

It seems that September has flown by and here we are a few days away from October!  It still feels like summer here with temperatures in the 80’s and the high humidity.  But…I looked at the forecast for the weekend and it’s supposed to be cooler.  And today I’m seeing out my window something that has been missing for the past few weeks:  blue sky!!  We’ve had 7.27″ of rain so far this month.  I wonder if our winter is going to be as wild as the rest of the year has been?
One of the things that I have been working on is my household notebook.  Now that I’m no longer homeschooling and my schedule has changed, I needed to make a new one.  I’m using a mixture of Mom’s Home Journal and The Intentional Planner.  I really like both of the forms in each of these!

I’m trying to hone my daily routines, meals, etc. since I am now at a different stage in my life.  I’m no longer homeschooling and have been devoting more time to what I call my “encouragement ministry”.  I really enjoy talking with women about the Lord and His Word and how we can implement it in our every day lives.  I want to be able to do my work here in a timely manner so I can be available if needed but I don’t want to neglect my family for other people!  It’s a different time now as Michael is out of town a lot, Julianne is in college and Jared is working and in college.  Mealtimes are not always a sit down affair but I want to be able to provide good food no matter what the evening looks like.
It seems on Sunday when I go to church that my week is pretty clear but by the time I go home, it’s filled.  This week is no exception.  Tonight I’m meeting a friend for Bible study; tomorrow is our monthly Lunch Bunch, I’m getting my hair cut, and our whole family is going out to dinner to celebrate my birthday; Wednesday I’m babysitting for a friend (4 boys!) while she goes to the doctor; Thursday I have a dermatologist appointment; Friday some of the ladies at church are going to teach us non-knitters how to knit scarves.  We hoping to make 120 by December 6 in order to take them with us when we serve the homeless.  Saturday is my day to clean the church and that night a bunch of friends are getting together for a potluck/get-together to encourage a friend who will be undergoing breast cancer surgery soon.  And Sunday evening is the Third Day concert in Charlottesville.  But as Cheryl over at Copperswife says, I have learned to “hold my plans loosely”.  To me that means to be prepared for God’s appointments, which we call interruptions.  To be ready to minister to those in need.  I don’t want to be so tied to my schedule  and my routine that I miss opportunities to serve.

What say you?

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