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Finding Focus in a Whirlwind World (Part 2)

More highlights from Finding Focus in a Whirlwind World:

God directs us through His Word and His Holy Spirit.  They are our Director’s (God) gracious provision for us. The Bible is God’s most complete revelation of Himself to us.  Through it we grow in our understanding of what He is like, what He has done, what His plans are for the future, and what He wants from us.  If Christ is to be our Center, our Director, we must develop right notions of God and of ourselves, through His words to us.
…His voice is quiet, and our spiritual ears must be trained to listen for His instruction and leading.  Before opening your Bible each morning, ask Him to teach you and make clear God’s ways and will.
Busyness isn’t always the culprit.  Even in slack times, we can be so preoccupied that God can’t get our attention.  Life becomes cluttered with too many options and competing interests.  Decisive living requires the selective burning of bridges.
More tomorrow…

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