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Finding Focus in a Whirlwind Life (Part 3)

More wisdom from Finding Focus in a Whirlwind World:

But a busyness that isn’t God-directed and God-motivated is not God-blessed.  Busyness can ravage the soul as thoroughly as idleness can.
Even when activities are worthwhile, to diligently occupy ourselves doing what we want, to keep from doing what we ought, is not commendable or wise.
The emphasis is not on learning to pack more into each day, so much as learning to order our day according to God’s will.  We must recover our time from wasteful activities, and liberate it for God’s purposes.  Again, reading the Bible and considering His truths are essential.
The Christian life should have a rhythm–doing and resting, speaking and listening, giving and receiving.  The life of Jesus illustrates that perfect balance.
Jesus and His message are inseparable.  He stands as the perfect embodiment of all He proclaimed and taught. His totally integrated life and ministry reflect His union with the Father.  His work, the expression of His life, is worship.
Service in the kingdom consists not of isolated acts for the benefit of mankind, but of acts of obedience done for Him, in Him, because of who He is, and what He is like.

Likewise, solitude without service easily degenerates into self-absorption.  Time with the Lord must quicken us to our needy world, not provide a soothing insulation from it.  The natural fruit of looking at God is a heightened zeal and vigor to serve Him.  As we ponder His grace and love, we long to express our gratitude in acts of obedience and to communicate Him to others.

What say you?

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