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Downed Trees and Gazebos

For a long time now Michael has wanted to take down two trees on our property.  One was an oak in our side yard; and though it was on our property, most of it was leaning and hanging in our neighbor’s yard.  The other was a tulip (poplar) tree in our backyard that is right off the deck. I knew these had to go but the cost was keeping us from doing it.  And I was not looking forward to seeing them cut down while they were still living.  But two weeks ago we got a great deal on taking them down and our neighbor said he would pay for half on the tree that was leaning toward his house.  So, down they came…and with a lot of tears from me.  We’ve lived in this house for almost 23 years and those trees were always there.  I was sad to see them go but knew it was necessary.
Now that the poplar was near our deck, we looked into getting a screened-in porch.  I was picturing something like this:
But when we found out the cost of building one, we decided not to go ahead with those plans.  Instead we decided to look for a nice gazebo that has screens all around.  After shopping at several places, we found this one:
Michael bolted it to the deck so it is safe from storms.  Of course, if a hurricane blows through we’ll have to take the canvas off.  
Last night Michael strung little lantern lights inside across the top and they look so pretty.  This will definitely become my new place to sit and relax in the evening!  I absolutely love it.

What say you?

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