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Slow and Steady

I have slowly incorporated walking into my daily life.  I’ve been trying to go around 7 in the evening.  Today was absolutely wonderful.  The temperature was about 80 and low, low humidity.  It’s hard to believe it’s August.  I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

Tonight was the first time I walked twice around the block.  That equals 1.25 or so miles.  Woot!  I am not out to win any races or see how fast I can go; I’m just starting out slowly and eventually working up to maybe an hour a day.

I bought some new sneakers and they have really helped with my walking.  My ankles are pretty weak but these give me good support.  They are called Addiction 10 by Brooks.  They’re the only pair of sneakers that support my flat feet.  They’re “running” shoes but also great for walking!

What say you?

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