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Be Content

Tea Party

This story really started months ago when a friend asked me to drive down to Atlanta to see Third Day on June 6th.  She purchased the tickets; I got us a hotel room.  Fast forward to earlier this week.  My friend messages me to say that something had come up and she will not be able to attend the concert.  I knew I didn’t want to drive all that distance by myself so I cancelled our hotel reservations.  My friend felt really bad about it and I told her that it was fine.  I really should stay home as I’m getting ready to go on a mission trip on the 11th.

The problem was that I really wasn’t ok with it.  I was more disappointed than I should have been.  All this week it has rained every day and that only contributed to my grumpy mood.  The Lord had brought this situation into my life and I was not content.  I was disappointed in what He ordained.

Staying home allowed me to attend a birthday party that I would have missed.  The party was for a 13-year old.  She had invited women who are special to her to come and to share some thoughts and Scripture with her as she enters into womanhood.  I know that each woman there had the birthday girl in mind when they shared their wisdom/thoughts/Scripture but the Lord used those women to speak to me.  As each woman spoke about contentment, not conforming to the world, being a light in the darkness, etc., I was convicted of my attitude.  I am so thankful that the Lord uses people to sharpen us and to speak into our lives–even though they didn’t know it.  I confessed my sin and discontentment.  I laid it all before the Lord and told Him that I was content with the situation.

No concert, no matter how fun it is, could have compared to this afternoon.  To see a young lady that wants to be held accountable for the way she lives was so refreshing.  It was also very convicting.  Do I have that same passion?  Do I want women speaking into my life?  I realized in that moment that as much as I love Third Day, this was so much more important. The Lord had to remind me to be content in every situation. Following the Lord in obedience is better than any concert.

Later this afternoon when I was home and checking Facebook, I saw an announcement that the guys will be in Virginia in August.  Trusting in His plan and His way always brings blessings!

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Mac Powell

Michael and I had a chance to see Mac Powell and his band play at Liberty University.  This is his own project, nothing to do with Third Day.  The style is mostly southern rock and country.  I really don’t care for country music except for Randy Travis, who I know is *very* country!!  But I have Mac’s first album and I’ve listened to it quite a bit.  I actually like it!  A week or so ago, Mac put up a sampler of his new album and I feel in love with it.  Take a listen for yourself!!  My favorite so far is Red Boots.   Anyway, when the chance came to see him in concert, I bought tickets.  I’m so glad I did!  Michael and I had so much fun.  There were some hardcore Third Day fans there that we met last month in Fairfax at DCFest.  We, of course, got there early to wait in line since it was general admission.  We had no idea what the venue was like.  When the doors were opened, it was just a stage in a big room.  Naturally, we were right at the stage!  We got to meet some very nice, friendly kids and had a good time with them.  I think they were shocked that “older people” were front row!!   Mac and his band were very relaxed and you could see that they really enjoyed playing and being together.  It was a 2.5 hour drive so we didn’t get home until after midnight but it was well worth it!

Talking with Mac
Talking with Mac
Meet and Greet
Meet and Greet



Zoe, who was next to me at the stage.  She was a hoot and totally fascinated that I was so into Third Day!
Zoe, who was next to me at the stage. She was a hoot and totally fascinated that I was so into Third Day!
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