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This Summer in Pictures


Washington, DC Trip

Michael had to go to Washington, DC this past Thursday through Sunday. ¬†While he was there for business, I went with him to see some sights while he was in his meetings. ¬†Although I didn’t get to see him during the day we did have dinner together every night. ¬†That was a blessing!

We took the train up on Thursday afternoon and had dinner at the hotel.

Friday I spent the day at the National Gallery of Art. ¬†The whole day and I still didn’t see everything. ¬†I really enjoyed the George Bellows exhibition. ¬†I had never heard of him so I first went to see a film about his life and then the exhibition. ¬†I really enjoyed it and was glad to find a new artist.

One of my favorite things was all the mobiles from Alexander Calder.  They were in a room all by themselves and it was so peaceful to sit there gazing at all of them.

Saturday I did the touristy thing and rode the Double Decker bus around to see the sights. ¬†The first stop was the Holocaust Museum where I spent about 2 hours. ¬†The permanent¬†exhibition¬†is very moving and I couldn’t get through it without crying. ¬†There were some exhibits that I couldn’t really look at for long. ¬†I wouldn’t say I enjoyed the visit but I found it very powerful and something I will never forget. ¬†I hope the world never forgets either.

My second stop was the Jefferson Memorial which I had never seen before.  After that, I just rode the bus around town and enjoyed the view.  It was a beautiful day and the breeze at the top of the bus was refreshing!

We came back by train on Sunday and had dinner with some friends who picked us up.  It was a wonderful weekend!

Here’s some pictures:

Inside the National Art Gallery lobby

Train Ride on the way home

I like the girl in this painting.  She looks so self-confident.

The Heritage Foundation

Our Hotel Lobby.  We stayed at the Hyatt in Capitol Hill.


Michael at dinner

Our Room

Love, love, love this Monet painting.

Random pigeon walking through the Amtrak station!

We ran into a huge rainstorm coming home from dinner on Saturday night. ¬†Thankfully there was a cab right at the door of our restaurant and we didn’t get ¬†too wet.

I really like this painting.  I just love the ease with which the man skates!

Van Gogh.  I like the colors here.  

This is the walkway between the East and West Buildings of the National Art Gallery.  Fun!

Wyeth. ¬†Can’t you just feel that breeze? ¬†This is such a peaceful picture.

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July in Pictures

Fourth of July Fireworks!

Jessica and Anthony

Morgan and Julianne, Jessica

Michael and Me

Flowers by my mailbox

Beach Trip

Our new grill
Jared back from his 3-week trip to Colorado Springs.  He was training servers at the new Bonefish restaurant.

Mollie and Alex, friends of Juianne. ¬†It was Mollie’s singing debut!

I love this picture of Morgan and Julianne

I didn’t take this but this is a picture of a huge storm cloud coming our way! ¬†This was taken just up the road from us.

Brooke and Richard, who came to the 4th of July baseball game with us
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Road Trip!

Trish and I will be heading to Florida on Thursday to attend the 2012 Women’s Conference put on by The Gospel Coalition. We’re so excited! ¬†I am praying that the Lord will use this time to strengthen our faith in Him, draw us closer to Him, and to learn more about Him so that we can share with other women.

This conference comes at a perfect time in my life. ¬†(Of course, God’s timing is always perfect!). ¬†I have been a former homeschooling mom for a year now. ¬†This year has been one of transition and I’m not sure where the Lord is leading me. ¬†While homeschooling my days had focus and purpose. ¬†I miss that! ¬†I don’t want to work outside of the home so I am resting in the Lord and waiting to see His direction in my life.

I have had the time to be involved in more of what I call my “encouragement ministry”, for lack of a better name. ¬†I am now able to have lunch with ladies one-on-one to get to know them better and discuss things of the Lord…and other things, of course! ¬†I’m also able to have a time of Bible study with them or just spend time together. ¬†I’m thankful that the Lord has provided me with that time and the freedom to do so.

I taught a workshop on prayer a month or so ago and realized that teaching is not really my gift.  Haha!  I am much better with one or a very small group.  My desire is really to help ladies, especially young women, see that being a wife and mother is a high and holy calling.  I want to be able to help them live out the gospel in their home and to have a grace-filled home.  That is truly the desire of my heart and I am trusting the Lord to lead me to those women He would like me to serve!

I’m not taking my laptop with me but will post when I return. ¬†See you soon!

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After getting bumped off two flights, Julianne and I finally made it home at 6:00 in the evening; we were supposed to get home at 9:00 in the morning!  It was inconvenient but we did get compensated very well for it!

I have literally hundreds of photos to upload and sort through so it might be a week or two before they are up. ¬†And I promise I’ll just show you the good pictures.

Before I left on vacation, I made a long¬†list of summer projects. ¬†I have been using Microsoft’s OneNote 2010 and I love it. ¬†Here’s a video that shows you how it works. ¬†I created a household notebook and then added pages for each room in the house with a list of all that needs to be done. ¬†It’s nice to have everything all in one place.

My first project was cleaning out the linen closet. ¬†I discarded all the old medications, lotions, soaps, etc. that we had and also old towels that were getting thread-bare. ¬†I organized and labels everything. ¬†It’s now easy to see what we have. ¬†As I was going through it, I found that we have about 10 bottles of shampoo! ¬†I don’t think we’ll have to buy any for a while.

Next week I’m working on organzing my craft room. ¬†Here’s a copy of what needs to be done. ¬†I will take a picture of the before and after so you can see my progress!

    Sort through craft projects
    Make a list of ones to be completed
    Wash curtains
    Wash window
    Move chair and table to guest room
    Clean carpet


I’m able to upload my pictures!¬† Here’s are a few:

Nightime view from my sister’s backyard


We visited Red Rocks Canyon one day.  Beautiful!!

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