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Bible Journaling

I like the idea of Bible journaling…only not in my Bible.  I do write in my Bible (it’s a wide margin) and underline but I don’t want to do art work in it.  For the longest time I’ve kept a commonplace book; basically just a place to write down quotes that I have come across and want to keep.  Last year I started a prayer journal.  This isn’t a journal of prayer and praises (I have another for that) but a journal of quotes, Scripture, articles, etc., all having to do with prayer.

I am new to the world of mixed media but I thought my prayer journal would be the perfect place to try it.


I also tried my hand at mail art.  I’ve done some before but mainly I use washi or just create an envelope out of scrapbook paper or old calendars.  Here’s a recent creation:


I had fun putting it together.  The images are from an old calendar and then I used some stamps that I had.  I like the way it turned out!

And finally a birthday card and envelope that is heading out today:


audio books

The Passionate Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

When I started this audiobook, I thought it was going to be a biography of Lloyd-Jones’ life so I was surprised when his whole life story was completed by chapter one! But the story goes on in detail about Jones’ passion for expository preaching and the influence of that passion even to today. It was fascinating!  You would think most preachers (and their hearers) would want expository preaching in their churches but that wasn’t the case.  I admired his focus on wanting to preach exactly what the text is saying and not adding his own “spin” on it.  He encouraged others to do this as well and I was saddened to learn that he was met with some resistance to this.  But he did not waiver in his passion!  I’m thankful for men like Martyn Lloyd-Jones and that there are others today who are following in his footsteps to rightly handle the Word of God.

At times the narrator, Simon Vance, seemed a little monotone but for the most part he did well.  He kept me engaged throughout the entire reading and has a pleasant voice.

I would definitely recommend this!

I received this audiobook as part of the christianaudio Reviewer Program at in exchange for a review.

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